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Kaloer Clock - Night Clock 3.5.4

ScreenShot of Kaloer Clock - Night Clock 3.5.4 by Kaloer Night Clock with advanced alarm. The clock has 5 skins and its layout and behaviour is very customizable. The alarm has a fade-in feature and it can play a playlist with songs or just a single alarm tone. The clock can automatically start on ac power. Buy the Powerpack in the application to unlock advanced alarm, sleep timer, automatic start on time, and day and night specific preferences. The advanced alarm shows detailed weather information, a music player, and your agenda. Permissions: Many users request new featues, and in order to make these work, the application needs multiple permissions: - Your messages: To show the SMS-icon and the message text. - Your location: The weather skin needs to know your location to give you relevant weather data. - Network communication: To download the...
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